Takamine Guitars

Takamine Guitars have over 50 years of history dedicated to innovation and improvement to the art and craft of guitarmaking.


Alvarez has been one of the leading acoustic guitar brands in the U.S.A. and around the world for over 45 years. Its image is synonymous with quality and value. Its instruments are known for their tone and feel.


Since 1990 Breedlove has been building acoustic guitars their own way. Carefully melding the time-tested traditional methods with modern engineering and ingenuity in an effort to build some of the most exquisite acoustic guitars and mandolins in the world.


Guitar maker C.F. Martin & Co., based in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, created a line of inexpensive guitars in 1970 to compete with the increasing number of imported guitars from Japan and elsewhere. The result was Sigma Guitars.


Guild Guitars is a classic American guitar maker with nearly a 60 year history of producing quality instruments. Enlisting highly refined, handmade craftsmanship ...

Ibanez Guitars

Ibanez has become an industry leader by never being afraid to innovate and collaborate with artists to make a more user friendly guitars. Also, by making guitars and basses for all genres and price points, Ibanez has been able to offer options to players at any skill level. The company's ability and willingness to constantly study the market and respond with new models and features has enabled Ibanez to grow and dominate like few other makers.

Duesenberg Guitars

One of the most important reasons for Duesenberg's success is the unique design concept. It is Dieter Golsdorf's very own interpretation of the Art Deco style, which gives the intruments their distinctive appearance. Almost every part from the tuner knobs, the trussrod cover and the pickguard to the little switch knob ist exclusively manufactured for us, and features our trade mark: the three steps. They stand for what Duesenberg is - always THREE STEPS AHEAD!

Hagstrom Guitar

When owning a Hagstrom guitar equipped with Hagstrom pickups, the musician always knows that the instrument was created as a musical tool, just like an artist would consider a canvas and brush.

Warwick Bass

For your average joe, the word "Warwick" doesn't hold much significance. But in the vocabulary of a bass player, even the word creates much excitement. The Warwick brand of basses has always been a dream instrument for almost every single serious bass player.


Korg delivers the ultimate sonic arsenal with a full line of keyboard Instruments, sound modules, music keyboards and music workstations, as well as pianos and synthesizers for every application.

Markbass Bass Amps

Markbass Bass Amps offer reliability, tone & portability. Markbass are known for their characteristic colourful design and tight focused sounds. The compact and lightweight nature of Markbass amps makes for easy transportation to and from gigs.

DV Mark

DV MARK products are designed with a profound respect for the great history and traditions of the classic guitar amps, using cutting-edge technology!

QSC Audio Products

Pat Quilter, founder of QSC Audio Products and a veteran designer with over 45 years of experience, is one of the few designers whose career spans tubes, solid state, and the new switchmode technology.


In the summer of 1968, our founder and CEO Cliff Cooper - a young musician armed with £50 and a huge amount of determination, opened up a small recording studio in the basement of a near derelict shop on New Compton Street, right in the heart of Swinging London.


Hartke revolutionized the world of bass amplification in 1985 with the creation of a unique aluminum cone driver that produced a bass tone with far broader dynamics than had ever been heard before.


VOX kicked off its line of guitar amplifiers back in '57. It took only a few years for the AC15 and AC30 to become instant legends, defining the sound of the British Invasion for the UK and the world.


Samson Technologies began in 1980 designing wireless microphone systems. Today, we are an industry leader in both consumer and professional audio.


Driven by an unmatched legacy of innovation and a total dedication to quality and reliability, Peavey Electronics embodies the pursuit of perfection in music and audio. It's our unifying spirit. It's proven. And it continues today.

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