Custom Sales

Every instrument (guitar, violin, mandolin etc...) sold at Real Instruments is customized for the user. Everything from fret installation, bracing, nut and saddle installation to strings.

Service & Repair

Real Instruments is the only authorized service dealer in eastern Canada for Guild guitars. We also service many brands both acoustic and electric, mandolins and violin instruments including Sigma, Hagstrom, Breedlove, Ibanez, Alvarez, Larivee, Taylor, Martin, Gibson, Fender and many others.
  • Setups *
  • Re-frets
  • Crack repair
  • Loose braces
  • Bone nut
  • Saddle
  • Bridge repair
  • Bridge re-glue
  • Bridge replacement
  • Pickup install
  • Finish touchups
  • Headstock fracture
  • Neck re-set
  • Tuner hole restoration
  • Custom modifications

Setups include:

  • Adjust neck
  • Adjust nut slots
  • Adjust saddles
  • Adjust pickup heights
  • Spray pots and switches when needed
  • Adjust tremolo or tailpiece
  • General cleaning/polish
  • Clean and oil fretboard, polish frets
  • Tighten loose hardware
  • Stretch strings
  • Lube string slots, tuners
  • Oil acoustic bridge
  • Ream tight pin holes

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